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Scholarship for High School Seniors

Sponsored by

The Somers Republican Club

Each year the Somers Republican Club will present two deserving students of the graduating class of High school in Somers (Public and Private High Schools) a $500 scholarship. The successful candidates will demonstrate:

·1 Academic Excellence

·2 Leadership qualities and experiences

·3 A history of community services

·4 A two page double spaced (12 point font) essay on the importance of patriotism

With an application containing the following information (within two typed pages):



(including Town, State and Zip Code)



School Name and Year of Graduation:

Academic Achievements, Grade Average and Interests:

Extracurricular Activities and Community Services:

Honors and Recognitions:

Please submit this application along with your essay to the Somers Republican Club, Inc. by email to or mail to PO Box 427, Somers, NY 10589.

Or use the Application Form








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